29 January 2007

IC needs your money

Inclusive Church needs your money. There is much work to do. Here's a good summary:

We find ourselves up against people who, quite simply, insist on excluding themselves from the most inclusive church that has ever been. That is not, of course, how they would put it. On the contrary, they keep on wanting to exclude others from the church. They call themselves names like ‘Reform’. They issue grand-sounding Covenants. But in the end, they want to slam their church doors shut. They don’t much want women priests, they certainly don’t want women bishops. As for gays, it seems that they don’t want them in church, or in the community, or in the country.

Interested? You can find details here.

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Revd John P Richardson said...

Scott, thanks for your blog. I hope you might drop in on the Chelmsford Anglican Mainstream blog. However, this particular comment about 'who we're up against' is nonsense - certainly as regards the UK which seems to be the reference. I said so on the Thinking Anglicans site, and I'll say it again here: the situation is not helped by foolish falsehoods such as, "they don’t want [gays] in church, or in the community, or in the country."

The original actually added to this list, "or on earth"! (See the TA posts). I was glad to see that removed. I'd like to see the whole line dropped.