16 February 2007

Akinola meets with conservative group during Meeting

Archbishop Peter Akinola has been meeting with conservative Anglican leaders today. It is not known exactly with whom he is meeting, because they are in a secured area behind closed doors. (This is not inside the ring of steel. Maybe the ring of aluminum.)

Several times +Peter has gone in and out of the primates' compound to a room upstairs where conservatives have been huddled. Last time he passed through, Peter was accompanied by a security guard and Mrs. Martyn Minns.

Though the exact agenda is not known to us, it is believed that the afternoon session of the Primates' Meeting has begun, and that Peter is not present with his primate colleagues. He was also absent during the noontime celebration of the Eucharist, meeting instead with the conservative group.

The archbishop would not comment to questions asked by the press. Later today, as bandwidth permits, I'll post photographs of the archbishop walking to his private meeting. Details as they emerge.

There have been no public statements, so I can't say what this means. What I can say is that the Primate of Nigeria is not presently with his brothers and sister in the Primates' Meeting.

I'll work to confirm all details, and provide news as it comes. Watch other blogs too, in case there is a statement from one of the right-wing groups.

UPDATE: Bishop Martyn Minns appeared from upstairs. He said that "we'll have something today, I hope" in response to a press request for a comment. So maybe there will be news. Still no sign of +Peter, so it appears that he's meeting with conservative leaders this afternoon rather than attending the Primates' Meeting. I hasten to add that this is unconfirmed. I only know that we saw him go upstairs and we have not seen him return. And we believe the afternoon session is in progress now. I don't know what all this means, but it appears to me that it is a significant development.

UPDATE 2: +Peter was indeed back in for at least part of the Primates' Meeting this afternoon, according to a reliable source. He absented himself for the Eucharist and for part of the meeting, though it is not especially unusual for a primate to step out for a bit. It is still true, as far as I know, that +Peter met with conservative leaders during the day. More details as I have them. (There is a new statement on the Church of Nigeria website. I'm about to post that one.)

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Tobias said...

I don't understand how these reports are to be reconciled with the frequent denials that Akinola is being "handled" by other conservative (largely US) leadership. Or is he merely briefing them on his plans?