19 February 2007

Breaking: draft covenant released

The draft of the proposed covenant is out. On a very fast first reading, it seems OK, if one accepts the idea that a covenant is acceptable within the Anglican ethos.

The section which concerns me most is the very last section. It basically suggests that we should seek accord in controversial matters and -- this is a gross simplification -- let the primates decide everything. I understand that the primates would put themselves in power, but I think they might want to contemplate +Rowan's sermon yesterday. If we're going to have a supreme authority, which I wholly oppose, the ACC would be a much more logical choice. But then, the ACC has lay people as constituent members, and when did bishops ever let lay people do anything?

I would welcome reactions and comments from others. This still isn't out on the blogosphere, but I'm sure the opinions will be flying soon. Remember, my reading was very quick.

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Greg Lisby said...


I had a similar initial read of the doc. It seems to invest much more authority in the Primates and "lessen" the three other instruments of authority.

When will the "Americans" be invited back to participate in the ACC? Is it at the discretion of the Primates?

And, if the Primates are invited to actively participate in the ACC; doesn't that again tilt the decision making towards them?

Know that you remain in our prayers,

Greg Lisby