27 February 2007

Compliance Office? Wha??!!

OK, so apparently we Anglicans need to add a fourth leg to our stool of authority: scripture, tradition, reason, and now the Primates' Communique. Really?

It seem that this is what the AAC wants us to do. They're so keen on the Communique that they're going to set up a Communique Compliance Office. Here's what I think of that. The Primates' are trying to grant themselves unprecedented authority. The AAC, and others, are content to go along with that when it's convenient. (Of course, they're also happy to make ridiculous extrapolations suggesting that the primates have demanded +Gene Robinson's resignation, if Ruth Gledhill can be believed on this one.)

Here's my proposal. I'd like to set up a Gospel Compliance Office. I'll go to work in my new office immediately, if someone wants to fund this one. I'll be looking for a church that follows Jesus' example by inviting those at the margins of society into fellowship, by serving those in greatest needs, by standing up to the powers-that-be, and by loving the most challenging people in the world.

One of the first puzzles of my new office will be to deal with the AAC itself. It seems that their website indicates a remarkable willingness to engage in subtlety with respect to divorce: "Divorce is always contrary to God's original intention, though in a fallen world it is sometimes a tragic necessity." Jesus actually had something to say about divorce, whereas he was silent on homosexuality, so I'll be calling David Anderson to ask about this.

Isn't that ridiculous? Who could imagine a church with a Gospel Compliance Office? I guess in our post-ironic world, with a proposed Communique Compliance Office, nothing seems out of the question.

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John said...

Careful now! Next your Office of Gospel Compliance will be asking us to give up our riches!