23 February 2007

The conservatives are trying to spin this in their favor

I wrote that the conservatives in Dar es Salaam were spitting mad. Now back home, it seems that some of them are planning to just ignore the whole communique. This will get interesting. Example one: The AMiA says, in part:

We remain thankful that the AMiA enjoys a secure home in the Province of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda and the assurances of our Archbishop that this will not change without our request and/or consent.

I get it, AMiA. You're planning to ignore that parts of the communique that require you to work under the jurisdiction of the to-be-appointed primatial vicar? I guess it fits the pattern. Proof-text the Bible. Proof-text Lambeth 1.10. Proof-text the communique.

So, AMiA, will you be so gracious to allow the Episcopal Church to ignore the parts of the communiqe that we don't like, if we so choose?

Also, just for the record, it seems that +Peter Akinola couldn't be bothered to read the communique either. Maybe he was in the conservatives' war room when some of this was discussed. Now it seems he's going around talking about a cessation of "same sex marriage" and the ordination of "homosexuals." Um, +Peter, the communique doesn't address either one. We don't do the first, and we're only talking about bishops who are living in same-sex relationships. No one has said a word asking us to stop ordaining LGBT people, and we fully plan to continue ordaining LGBT deacons and priests.

(My attention was drawn to the AMiA reponse by Mark Harris. His post is well worth reading.)


Craig Nelson said...

I hope we gave all learned by now to take all the sound and fury, not to mention the sheer spinning of people who by now ought perhaps to know better with a pinch of salt.

The "disciplining of TEC" has been a headline in search of a story for so long now that I have come in the words of Shania Twain to say "That don't impress me much".

We'll see, but you'll forgive me if I give various nightmare scenarios a bit of a wide berth.

Wayne said...

So now there's a warning to M'Lord Cantuar... What has his 30 pieces of silver bought him? A threat from ++Peter. Where does ++Abuja find his gall?!?

Ginny said...

After all that careful planning and positioning and back-channel manipulation, ++Peter blows his lines once again. The IRD had better invest in a portable TelePrompter, because it's just going to keep happening.

Paranoid much? Probably, but the IRD is too interested in what everybody does in their own bedrooms not to be hiding under all the beds.

Ann said...

David Anderson at AAC is now claiming the power to relieve the VA clergy of Peter Lee's Inhibitions. David also wrote that Gene Robinson must resign but if he does gays and lesbians will resort to violence against him. What alternate reality is all this from?

Ann said...

Listening to Katharine today in her talk with the staff at 815 has lessened my anxiety. I recommend it.

Raspberry Rabbit said...

May I add my 'ditto' to ann's recommendation to listen to Katherine's word's to the staff at the Episcopal Church Center in New York. Bloody excellent.

Wayne said...

(Posted elsewhere, but needs to be said IMHO): I listened to PBKJS's address to 815... and, I must say, was sadly disappointed. I am so very tired of being an issue in the church that I barely have energy to rebut the lost souls on the SF blog (*gasp*).

The whole notion of "fasting..." The whole notion of "time for reflection..." They just wear me out (when they're not making me angry). WHO is being asked to "fast"?!? WHO is being set aside as an unworthy pawn in this ugly game?

Moreover... WHO is participating in the "listening process"?!?

What's the line... "Justice delayed is justice denied."