19 February 2007

Correction: I am happy to report I was wrong about Eucharistic sharing

It appears that I was wrong when I wrote that +John Chew did not receive communion yesterday. I had wondered why he would be a minister distributing the Eucharist in which he did not share. Now, according to someone who was able to see quite clearly, it appears that the answer is known. +John Chew did, in fact, receive communion.

So what does this mean? On Thursday, the so-called Global South primates issued a statement saying that they would not share Eucharist with Bishop Katharine. Now it appears that +John Chew has decided that he can find it in his heart and conscience to receive communion with his primatial colleagues. This bodes well, I think, for the Communion.

We still do not know what kind of statement(s) will be issued today. But we do know that +Peter Akinola increasingly seems to be walking apart from the Anglican Communion. Only he did not appear in Zanzibar, and now some of his brethren are back in communion with Canterbury and the rest.

Another hopeful sign, I think, is that +Henry Orombi of Uganda was walking around with +Rowan during a tour of the cathedral grounds yesterday afternoon. They are at least cordial with one another, and +Henry was willing to be photographed with +Rowan. +Henry was not visible to reporters, so we do not know if he received communion yesterday. I still consider it a hopeful sign that he is walking with +Rowan in public.

Only a few hours until we'll know more. Mostly, I wanted to set the record straight. I am very pleased that I was wrong about +John. (I'm not happy I wrote incorrect information, but I am pleased to learn that the information I had received and passed along was not correct. I apologize to +John, and I hope we will see more primates return to communion with +Rowan.)

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Weiwen Ng said...

Good for ++John. I'm proud of him (he's the archbishop of the province that includes my country of origin).

However, he still has to answer for:

Reportedly lobbying, with Akinola, to have ++KJS and ++Sentamu to be ejected from the Meeting.

Not confronting Akinola over his support for legislation that massively violates human rights.