14 February 2007

Evening press briefing: revisionist polity?

The evening press briefing was fairly uneventful. Basically, what we learned (again) is that the primates will set their own agenda, behind closed doors, and we'll find out what they did when it's done. Maybe.

OK, we found out a few more things, but that was the gist of it. Tomorrow (Thursday) is when the fireworks will happen. After a Bible study first thing in the morning, the primates will begin their deliberations. The Anglican Communion staffers are saying confidently that the question of +Katharine and +John Sentamu being seated is settled. Rumblings around the pool are different. We'll hear what happens, I guess. Either way, there's a story tomorrow. Either +Katharine is accepted by all the primates, or she's sent off. Details as they come tomorrow.

As one senior person put it to me today, speaking about the conservative block, "If they don't like it, they can take their hats and go home." Indeed. He was saying that +Rowan and +Katharine are here to stay, and like it or leave it. Amen.

So the most interesting thing at the briefing, to me at least, was Gregory Cameron's background briefing to reporters. Knowing that many of the press in attendance are either local press or service beat reporters, he thought it wise to give some background. I agree whole-heartedly with this thinking. He explained the situation in the Anglican Communion since about 2003. I'll skip the play-by-play, but I'll observe that it seemed to be point-for-point right out of an Anglican Communion Network backgrounder. For example, the Panel of Reference was described as a solution to North American problems, not as an adjudication of communion-wide disputes. No explicit mention was made of jurisdicational boundary crossings until yours truly asked about them in relation to Windsor Compliance. It was stated that because of the "delicate" situation in North America, it was not appropriate to ask that these Windsor infractions cease immediately. Really? So should the Bishop of New Hampshire or some other bishop start to cross boundaries to care for gay or lesbian Nigierians? Somehow I think the situation will be viewed differently in that light. Sigh.


The Anglican Scotist said...

Rather alarming--that the ACN narrative should become hegemonic by default among AC staffers. What an unexpected victory for the conservative faction! Whatever happens here, they can rest assured that the upper echelons are firmly embedded in a framework friendly to schism.

And the open sanctioning of border crossing by Mr. Kearon--another shock. But then again, captulating to the ACN narrative does come with a hefty price tag.

Caveat emptor!

Craig Goodrich said...


Although we have radically different views on the situation, I appreciate your reportage. Many thanks for keeping the information flowing; I know it isn't easy and circumstances are frequently trying.

God bless.


Far Talk said...

yb"Revisionist" is a polite term for those who persecute the Church.

Mother Jeff Schori does not believe there is salvation from Jesus Christ. She says that anyone can come closer to God through any religion. She parts from the Holy Bible, from tradition, from the 39 Articles, and from reason to say that those immersed in immorality can become leaders of the Christian church.

None of this is Christian.

The anti-Christians have reduced membership in PECUSA from 8 million in 1961 to an active membership 740,000 today.

No one wants to be associated with a group that calls itself "Christian," but which persecutes Christians. Think of all the suits that "TEC" now has going against Christian parishes.

The anti-Christians have destroyed PECUSA, just as they have destroyed every other denomination in the North America.

No one goes to church anymore, thanks to the anti-Christians.

The people have spoken.

The Anglican Scotist said...

As you know, far talk, there is one father of lies--and it is not God. When you lie about Presiding Bishop Schori and the Episcopal Church, whom do you serve?