27 February 2007

The Minns reality distortion field

When I got back from Tanzania, I was immediately immersed in a backlog of parish work, so this blog has suffered some neglect. I'm (sort of) caught up now, so a few posts over the next day or so will catch me up to the latest goings-on, I hope. So, blogosphere, rants await...

I think +Martyn Minns went to a different Primates' Meeting than I did. He writes (in a letter to CANA, PDF):

...the Primates concluded that The Episcopal Church had NOT responded adequately to the requests of The Windsor Report and gave them one last chance with a date certain set for September 30, 2007. The Primates were clear that after that there will be serious, though not yet specified, consequences. It is clear that The Episcopal Church must decide if it will uphold the biblical teachings of the Anglican Communion or choose to walk apart.

Um, no. The sub-group report pretty much gave ECUSA 2.5 out of 3.0 stars for "Windsor compliance." As for the choice to "walk apart," I think only one group of primates has chosen to do that thus far. That would include your own primate, Martyn. Ask +Peter Akinola about walking apart, if you're going to ask anyone. He has walked part from the Anglican Communion, quite literally excommunicating himself from his primatial colleagues and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

With regard to CANA, we were recognized as having a valid place in the life and work of the Anglican Communion, under the Primate of Nigeria, and our mission and ministry understood as prompted by our desire to serve as faithful Anglicans.

Um, no again. You are told that you need to negotiate with the leadership of ECUSA and the appointed Primatial Vicar for a place. Sorry, Martyn, but you'll need to accept +Katharine as your primate if you're going to operate in the US and stay in communion with Canterbury.

My frustration comes when Martyn and company pretend that they have a lock on biblical teaching, church history, the Anglican Communion, and truth itself. I seem to recall the response who know-it-alls in the Gospels. Seems like Jesus usually managed to point out that we all need a good dose of humility, and that God's love is in the most surprising places. Would Jesus be issuing demands, setting deadlines, and quoting laws in order to keep people out of the church and deny them God's blessing? I think not.


Jim Strader said...

We used to say when I was flying F-4s in the USAF that the aviators who gain possession of the chalk and the chalkboard win the fight. (i.e. - it's not about what really happened in a situation it's about who reports out on the activities of a particular event)

Thus, +Martyn and "Canon" Anderson are winning in their forums of debate because they possess the chalk and chalk board in their communication circles. It’s clear as well that they are on the attack broader Anglican forums. It is our responsibility who hold more objectively accurate accounts of what occurred in Dar Es Salaam to counter their communiqu├ęs while providing a "3rd way" for the Anglican Communion to consider. We need to regain the chalk and chalkboard and/or determine whether or not we’re will to cede them the power to convey their responses without retribution.

Peter said...

I'm afraid you're wrong on the first point. While the sub-Group (not just Primates but others) did say that they thought TEC was Windsor compliant, that report was written 6 months ago. The Primates in their Communique and Recommendations (not the Sub-Group report of 6 months ago but their thoughts of last week, given half a year of activity in TEC) decided that the sub-Group report was out-of-date. The Primates DID say that TEC didn't respond inadequately.

You might have a point though about Martyn over-egging the position of CANA.