15 February 2007

News of the day? Not so much

Here's the official report of what has happened so far at the meeting today: nothing. OK, we're told that the primates began the day with Bible study, and the remainder of the morning was taken up by opening remarks and discussions of the agenda. This afternoon, they were to take up some of the more substantive (read: controversial) issues. They're scheduled to adjourn in 10 minutes (at 4 p.m. local time), so perhaps the rumor mill will have a fresh round of fodder then.

In other news, the reporters are now interviewing each other, due to desperation for news. There was a great article on the front of one of today's Dar es Salaam English-language papers, The Citizen. It deals with the "gay issue" and features interviews with Colin Coward and Davis Mac-Iyalla. It's a balanced article, and it was above the fold, I might add.

Finally, even the Tanzanians are complaining about the heat. Wow. We European/American types would be complaining about that too, were it not for our time being occupied by rumor mongering and Internet access kvetching. If you wonder how the wire services have stuff, it's because they brought satellite net equipment. The newspaper reporters have been phoning their articles in. And bloggers are out of luck.

More news, gossip, and idle chatter as I can post it...

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