17 February 2007

Photos! Saturday

Here are today's photos. More here -- the newer ones are at the end of the stream. Today's round of photos goes with this recent posting about the Buguruni Anglican Health Centre. There are more photos in the Flickr set, but I didn't capture the most moving scenes, since I did not want to photograph patients at the clinic.

Henry and Priscilla Ziegler are pictured with a Tanzanian staff member at the Buruguni Anglican Health Centre in Dar es Salaam. (I'll get the correct spelling of the woman's name, and then post it here soon, I hope.)

The lab at the clinic, with some very modern, hi-tech equipment.

The best reason to come to Tanzania: the friendly, warm people who live here.

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Ann said...

Thanks for the photos- I visited these same places (or similar) in 1985 on a Partners-in-Mission visit. Your pix give me homesickness. Don't know if this is your first trip to Tanzania but when I went I had the eerie experience of coming home. Changed my life and my kids still remember my ranting about them letting the water run unnecessarily. We were at the Theological College and had to draw our water from th well.