15 February 2007


I am hoping this is the first batch of many photos to be posted. Alas, Internet is a challenge, even by African standards. When I learned that my reservation at the White Sands (where all the meetings are taking place) was canceled, I was initially unhappy. Now, I'm grateful. I'm staying in a studio apartment in Dar, with quick Internet access. The downside is that I'm 30 minutes away by taxi. Back on the bright side, I get a tour of Dar each morning on my way to the enclave.

In any case, here are a few photos. There are more on my Flickr photo set. I'll post more photos there as often as I can, bandwidth permitting.

Bishop Katharine meets with ECUSA missionaries resident in Tanzania. Matthew Davies has written an ENS story about this meeting, but it's not on the ENS website yet. Matthew is facing the same Internet challenges as all of us. I'll update this post with a link to the ENS story when it hits the web.

Archbishop Ndungane of South Africa meets press.

As Archbishop Aspinall of Australia briefs the press, video cameras record the proceedings.

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