19 February 2007

Plenty of blog fodder just around the corner.

A few hours ago, Jim Rosenthal gave a brief briefing, in which he indicated that this evening's press briefing will cover the communique and proposed covenant. More details on Jim's comments are here. He's hopeful that a copy of the proposed covenant will be available for us here around an hour before the the press briefing. That would be at 5:45 p.m. local time, in about 45 minutes. So if that happens, we'll know much more about the future of the Anglican Communion and ECUSA.

Jim Naughton says I was pessimistic, though that was not my intent. All I'm saying is that all of us are going to have to ponder what it means to be in communion. Whatever your position in all this, we can no longer take communion or the Anglican Communion for granted.

I'm actually optimistic that, one way or the other, the mission of the church will go on. Lives will be transformed, love will spread, justice will increase, and the Gospel will be proclaimed. My only worry is that it might be too long until all of God's children are welcome in God's church.

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