16 February 2007

Prayers are needed

As I was wandering around yesterday, I saw two women sitting in the lobby of the White Sands. One had an open Bible on her lap, so I guessed they were here with the primates' meeting. I introduced myself, and we had a delightful conversation.

The women are here with, I believe, the Anglican Communion Network. The woman I spoke with is the leader of a team of people engaged in intercessory prayer. They are praying for a good outcome of the meeting. This seems like a fine idea. I commend the Network for this work, for sending people here to pray for for coordinating prayers around the world. Certainly all the primates and those of us in Dar and the whole Communion need prayer.

So if you have a few minutes today, please spend some time engaged in prayer for our church and the whole world. It will be good for you, good for our church, and good for God.

1 comment:

John said...

"Good for God"!?!? What kind of crazy Open Theist are you, anyway? Don't you know that God is impassible ?