17 February 2007

A quiet day here in Dar

All the reporters, bloggers, video types, and hangers-on are sitting around asking each other if there's any news. As you might guess, the answer is "no." Today the primates are talking about the initiative for a Communion-wide conversation on hermeneutics. Some see this as a stalling tactic, and others perceive this as a necessary pre-condition for global reconciliation, since people understand the Bible differently in different contexts. I think it might be a little of both.

The primates are also talking about ECUSA today. The word is that this conversation is a bit strained, but that people are talking. Who knows what that means? I still think we have not heard enough about the other "Windsor problem," namely the unwelcome interventions across province lines. Will there be a Panel of Reference request with regard to +Peter Akinola in Virginia? What would the response be if ECUSA were to set up a missionary jurisdiction in another province?

Tomorrow there will be news. The primates are celebrating a festive Eucharist at the cathedral in Zanzibar. Your intrepid reporter will be there, suffering through a ferry ride to this beautiful tropical island, with glorious architecture, stunning natural beauty, and delightful people. Oh, the burden of all this pleasure just before Lent. In any case, will there be empty seats in the primates' section during the service? Presumably so, and then we'll be able to see that the Anglican Communion, by definition, has already been abandoned by a few primates. We'll have photographs to show this, though presumably the dissenting primates will appear for the group photo on the cathedral steps. I wonder where they'll pass the time while the rest of us are feasting together as the gathered Body of Christ?

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Edensong said...

Thanks much for your great cartoon & acerbic, "right on" commentary on the affair happening in Dar. Would that more than a few of our Primates got off their pew, & really allowed themselves to be confronted with the Gospel of a humble, inclusive Jesus who was faithful to God's call to set the oppressed free!