17 February 2007

What's going on? Much? Little? Hard to say

Tonight I skipped the press briefing -- more on that in the next post. I haven't read around the blogosphere too much yet, but these notes suggest that no more Communion-shattering news was revealed. That was yesterday, when seven dissenting primates walked apart from their sister and brothers. As an aside, Peter Ould says that some number of primates were present in the service but did not receive communion. He says this brings the number of separated primates to around a third of the total. I'm not sure how he got that information, but it seems plausible.

My hope is for a church that includes (and actively welcomes and invites) all of God's children. I do not intend to compel people to stay, when they clearly feel called to find another spiritual home. I'm still mulling this one, but I can't quite contemplate why these primates wish to stay in the Communion when they literally will not practice communion.

It seems that there was some discussion of the Milennium Development Goals and the theological education initiative on hermeneutics. I didn't find any mention of the discussion on ECUSA in the summary notes; since I wasn't at the press briefing I won't even speculate about what was or wasn't said.

I'm delighted the primates spent time on the MDGs today. That is something in which they could do some productive work together. Perhaps that will facilitate further conversations on mission and theology. As I wrote earlier, I'm not sure what to make of the theological education initiative. Perhaps I'll have something sagacious to offer in the next couple of days. Or not.

Tomorrow we'll all see exactly who is still in communion with Canterbury. The service at the cathedral in Zanzibar will be remarkable, I'm quite confident. News is on the way...

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