15 February 2007

Reflections on the day

Over dinner tonight, several of us talked about the day's news and its possible meaning. All are agreed that the report of the sub-group could have been worse, but that it doesn't let ECUSA off the hook. Who knows whether the primates will accept this report, or what final decisions will be made. The briefer made it clear that no decisions were taken today, so it's still up in the air. Progressives should not assume the worst is over, and conservatives should not be so quick to assume the worst.

What I continue to find striking is the sense that ECUSA is on trial. I understand full well the extent to which ECUSA is different from other provinces. I understand why we need to attend to our impact on others, especially those in other cultures. So, fine, let's discuss ECUSA. Let's talk about gays and lesbians. Let's talk about all that. But let us also talk about the "listening process" which has never really begun. (When only one side talks, it is not a "listening process.") Let's talk about the breaches of the Windsor Report that have come from Nigeria and elsewhere. Let's talk about our polity and its history. Let's talk about the sudden desire for centralized authority in Anglicanism -- except when it's not convenient. Let's talk about the scandal of wealth among a vast sea of poverty. Let's talk about the Great Commandment. Let's talk about everything on this agenda, and then I'll be happy for us to talk about ECUSA.

One wonders if everyone made it all the way through the Windsor Report, or if we're just proof-texting that document the way many people like to proof-text the Bible. Many +Rowan's idea for a Communion-wide study of hermeneutics is a great idea, after all.

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scott said...

Proof-texting indeed. In addition to the report itself, i've read three conservative responses to the sub-group's conclusions. Each response takes great exception to the sub-group's statements about TEC, but none of them acknowledged the sub-group's concerns "that other recommendations of the Windsor Report, addressed to other parts of the Communion, appear to have been ignored so far."