14 February 2007

Representing diverse views?

One more bit from today's press briefing. Jim Rosenthal said that the three American bishops (Duncan, MacPherson, and Epting) are here to represent a diversity of views within the American church. I'll ask the question again: what about the diversity of views within other provinces? There are thousands of gay Nigerians, for example. Shouldn't they be represented here?

For that matter, I was intrigued by a question from a Tanzanian reporter who wondered if the primates were hearing from any gay or lesbian people while they're here. Jim deferred until tonight's press briefing, but I think we all know the answer is no. Isn't that what the listening process is about...listening? Why does only one perspective have to listen, and the other wants only to talk?

Lastly, there is buzz here about strategies that might be used to exclude Bishop Katharine. Most seem to involve her participation in the consecration of Gene Robinson, a gay man, as Bishop of New Hampshire. That makes her out of "Windsor Compliance." A bit of a tough argument for the conservatives to make, since Archbishop Akinola has crossed boundaries to set up his Nigerian branch in the US. I guess, then, if Katharine is denied entry, it would only make sense for Peter to pack his bags too.


Jim Strader said...

Scott - 'good to "see" your voice on the Internet and covering events in Dar Es Salaam. I'll look forward to reflecting upon your "inclusive" voice as events unfold. I'm reflecting upon life in the Anglican Communion and how it impacts us at the University of Arizona here .


Jason said...

I find it interesting that they suddenly want to have two provinces for the USA. I suppose one would be the ECUSA and the other would be the American "No Gurlz or Homos" Anglican Church??? At what point does +Rowan stop babying these people?