13 February 2007

Schism? What's the hurry?

Word comes that the so-called Global South bishops (which is not really the global south, because they exclude southern bishops with whom they disagree) are proposing a two-province solution in the Anglican Communion. I guess that's some kind of Byzantine mechanism that allows Nigeria to stay in communion with Canterbury and ECUSA to stay in communion with Canterbury but prevent the two from seeing one another? I don't get it. I'll rant on that later.

For now, I have two questions. First: why not three or four or six provinces? What does it say when we must form a new province rather than converse and commune with others? Can I have a liberal-but-evangelical-and-Catholic province? I'd really like one. And then maybe I could become a bishop. My own (cynical) view is that at least some of this schism is because a few clerics liked the look of purple in their mirror.

My second question: What's the big hurry? Why are we always reading about the "last straw" and the "final chance"? What would it mean to talk about this for a while longer? What would it mean for at least one openly gay or lesbian to have a chance to address the primates or Lambeth gathering? Where are gay people in the listening process, except as scapegoats?

(At least George Carey thinks we should take a deep breath. Amen, George.)

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