26 March 2007

Changing Attitude England welcomes HoB statement

Make sure you read the whole release, wherein Changing Attitude England has welcomed the recent statement from the ECUSA House of Bishops.

Changing Attitude England welcomes the statement and resolutions issued by the House of Bishops of The Episcopal Church at their recent meeting. The response agreed by General Convention in 2006 to the requests made of The Episcopal Church in the Windsor Report and the Primates’ Dromantine Communiqué of 2005 was made at huge cost to their gay and lesbian members. We stand with our brothers and sisters in Integrity who have worked tirelessly for the removal of all discrimination against LGBT people at every level of the life of The Episcopal Church and for the authorisation of a rite of blessing for lesbian and gay relationships.

That's from the intro. In the body of the statement, CA raises some very good questions:

Why is England not subject to the same attack and scrutiny? Could it be anti-Americanism in the case of The Episcopal Church? Some of the Primates have become obsessed with the two North American Churches and their active, practical commitment to justice and full inclusion. As a member group of Inclusive Church, Changing Attitude England is working to create a fully inclusive church in England.

And there is this promise. Note this well: if ECUSA is removed from the Communion or if a parallel jurisdiction is set up here, it will have effects overseas. As an ECUSA priest, I am grateful for this generous (and costly!) promise from people in England.

If The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada are expelled from the Communion, Changing Attitude will maintain communion with them. We will work to ensure that the Church of England remains partners with them in a global Communion. We will also be subject to censure by the Primates. We too ordain and bless LGBT people. We are not bound by the hostility to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people embodied in Resolution 1.10 of the Lambeth Conference 1998.

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