26 March 2007

A video for the day

Today being the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in England, I commend this video:

In this sermon in the same cathedral during the Primates' Meeting, +Rowan Williams raised a very good point, always worth pondering. He noted that for many centuries, the Bible was understood to condone slavery, and the church worked to perpetuate the institution of slavery. A few prophetic voices challenged this reading of the Bible, reading some verses in support of slavery against the whole of the Gospel. Rowan wondered how we might be reading the Bible incorrectly today. He didn't mention any issues by name (clever man!), but human sexuality is clearly one issue that invites conversation about biblical interpretation.

Today, we should remember how the church supported the evil exploitation of humans in slavery. We should remember the enslavement of people today, and we should recall our duty to work for the freedom and dignity of all persons. And we should ponder how we might (as individuals and as a church) be supporting other kinds of evil in our world. Let us also give thanks for prophets, and for the desire for justice.

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