24 March 2007

You can help...get the ABC to the USA

OK, so this has been widely blogged, but I still love it -- so I'm posting it here for your reading pleasure. Eager to make a difference in the Anglican Communion? You can help get the ABC to the USA to talk with the HOB. (No doubt for his appearance they'll use the BCP instead of EOW.) Without further TLAs, I bring you this item:

See American bishops in their native habitat!

The bishops of the American Episcopal Church have asked Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to make an unprecedented and long-delayed visit to them in North America to discuss the Current Unpleasantness pre-occupying the Anglican Communion. The Americans assure ++Cantuar that their Christian hospitality will match that of the various fissiparous bishops he has broken bread with on multiple continents. So that the plate and pledge of parishes is not unnecessarily depleted, elements within TEC inclined toward reconciliation or at least a good face-to-face row are offering a business class ticket to any USA destination of the archbishop's choosing, along with lodging in a Courtyard by Marriott (tm) or better accommodation within strolling distance of the agreed-upon meeting place. A team of Th.D translators will be on hand to couch ++Cantuar's musings in terms accessible to the colonials. Tea and biscuits to be provided by the ECW.

All are invited to bid on this communion-saving encounter.

Make your bid now! (Tip of the Canterbury cap to Thinking Anglicans)

UPDATE: See this update from Brother Causticus over at titusoneten. It appears that eBay wishes to hasten the demise of the Anglican Communion. If this wasn't an InclusiveChurch blog, I'd threaten eBay with impaired communion or something.


Simon Richardson said...

I love Dave Walker's take on the church (re: Cartoon Church, as in previous posts), and I know that we have to discover humour and joy in our relationships, but I find this post strangely disquieting. Why? I just don't think it sheds any light, which good humour always does. It suggests something that I think is unfair about Rowan Williams. I have my own reservations, but having been ordained by him, and encountered the grace of the man, it doesn't sit right. I guess that for some, the frustration they must be feeling now makes this funny, but I strangely feel that this veers over into something less edifying.

Still think this is a great blog! Would love to be more in conversation with people over the water about their experiences. It is all something which barely figures in Northern Ireland. No-one has an opinion - but if you dug deep enough, you would find pretty big-time homophobia among the Church-going community, I think. It will catch up with us, too, one day.

Scott Gunn said...


I respect +Rowan, and I have absolutely no doubt he is acting in good faith, trying his best to hold the church together.

For me, this satire is at least partially directed at the HoB also, who have offered to pay the way, as if +Rowan couldn't come because of financial problems.

Now, the humor directed at Rowan, it seems to me, has mostly to do with the simple fact that for four years the whole Anglican Communion has been seething about ECUSA, but Rowan hasn't come over here to hear from Americans and to tell us what he thinks in person.

My hope was to inject a bit of laughter into this situation, and it seems to me that can only be a good thing. My intent was not to question his grace or to undermine his office.

Thanks for the kind words about this blog. Glad you've found it, and I look forward to further comments & conversation. Your final point, I think, is a very good one. Lest much of the Communion get comfortable with finger-pointing at ECUSA, I think the conversation will be present on other shores, perhaps sooner rather than later. We'd better get good at listening, sharing, questioning, learning, and laughing.


Simon Richardson said...

Scott, thanks for the reply - you are right, of course!