17 April 2007

Back online, after Holy Week and Easter Week hiatus

I guess I should have alerted you, dear reader, that this blog was going to be on holiday for a bit. More correctly, I placed my parish work front and center during Holy Week, and then I was recovering/celebrating during Easter Week.

On the very day I planned my return to the blogosphere, there is big news in Anglican-land, with news of +Rowan's planned visit to ECUSA. Details are scarce, but I think conversation can only be a very good thing at this point.

I note that the Anglican blogosphere was generally quiet during Holy Week. I much enjoyed reading the postings of Dan Martins+, as he wrote eloquently about the Triduum Sacrum -- and especially his responses to Jeffrey John's thoughts on salvation, especially of the substitutionary penal atonement variety.

Perhaps other bloggers were silent on the controversies of the day for the same reason as me -- church took over much of my time. (I loved every minute of it, by the way.) But maybe there were other factors at work. Could it be that when we focus on the most important things -- the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ -- our ecclesiastical squabbles are revealed for what they are: minor differences within the Body of Christ?

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