17 April 2007

Gospel Compliance Office issues first report

As many of you know, the American Anglican Council created a Communique Compliance Office (CCO) after the Primates' Meeting in Dar es Salaam. Figuring that two can play at this Orwellian game, I announced on this blog -- tongue in cheek -- that I would create a "Gospel Compliance Office (GCO)."

Well, seeing that the CCO has released its first report, I figured I'd better get busy. So, despite having no office space and no staff, I have today -- while sitting in a coffee shop -- created the first report of the GCO.

Here's my report:
  • At the global level, primates have continued to focus on non-Gospel issues such as human sexuality, while placing Gospel imperatives (evangelism, serving Christ in all persons, and loving our neighbors) on the back burner.
  • After careful reading of the Gospels and of the Communique, the GCO has found that the Gospels are not the same as the Communique. This office encourages Christians to follow the Gospel, and not the Communique, where the two differ.
  • At the national level, ECUSA has fallen into this trap as well. From press reports, it appears that Executive Council and the House of Bishops gave only a small amount of time to Gospel issues, while spending lots of time on Communique issues.
  • At the local level, the GCO believes that many congregations in ECUSA and around the world are indeed practicing the Gospel, but this story is not reported in the mass media, nor does it get the attention of archbishops and the like.
  • The GCO encourages all Christians to study the Great Commandment and other sayings of our Lord Jesus Christ. Should there be any questions about the CCO or the Communique, the GCO encourages reference to the Gospels as the source of our authority and life in Christ.
  • The GCO, of course, also believes that as Anglicans we do well to consult our tradition and to make use of our God-given human reason, guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • The GCO will continue to evaluate the church for compliance to the Gospel, and will issue reports accordingly.
As long as there is a Communique Compliance Office, the Gospel Compliance Office will produce reports. The GCO looks forward to its own obsolescence, hoping to become irrelevant as the church returns to a focus on its mission.


Jim Strader said...

Hiya - Scott - I haven't been by here for awhile. Thanks for your creation of the Gospel Complaince Office. You may need some complicance officers in the Western part of the US. I'd be happy to volunteer. Oh, FYI -- consider yourself "tagged!" It's not my fault really -- I'm just sharing this odd form of blessing w/ you. You can review the rules of "said tagging" on my blog


Scott Gunn said...


Glad you stopped by for a visit. I'm sure we'll need a Western USA compliance officer. Perhaps you could be the "Gospel sheriff" -- which seems right for that part of the country.

As for the tagging, I'll have to start mulling that one. Weird, me?