17 April 2007

Lambeth Conference 2008 confirmed

From the Anglican Journal:
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams considered cancelling the 2008 Lambeth Conference of the world's Anglican bishops due to the sexuality debates roiling the church, but decided against it.

"Yes, we've already been considering that and the answer is no. We've been looking at whether the timing is right, but if we wait for the ideal time, we will wait more than just 18 months," he told the Anglican Journal in an exclusive interview.
That's a great move. Preventing conversation is almost never the right answer. Getting bishops together from around the world will surely help us all understand one another as a church. Perhaps bishops on various sides of the sexuality issues will be able to see others as women and men of good faith. That alone would be a step toward reconciliation and mission.

Needless to say, this blogger -- as one voice of InclusiveChurch -- hopes that invitations will not be keyed to "Windsor compliance." +Gene Robinson and +Peter Akinola would both be excluded if Windsor compliance were applied as a criterion, and that would be a pity. The gathered bishops need to hear their perspectives, and Gene and Peter will surely benefit from hearing voices they may not hear in New Hampshire or Abuja.

Anyway, I'm glad Lambeth 2008 is going ahead. Now we'll start watching for the invite list and the agenda.

(Photo by Anglican Journal / Michael Hudson.)


Dennis said...

I've got to say, if the invitations are only to certain of our bishops in the House of Bishops (and +Gene is left out) I am hoping that all of the HOB turns down the invitation. If Rowan can't invite all of the American bishops then he has no respect for the laity of our church who select them.

We will see what comes of this meeting in September.

Weiwen Ng said...

I agree with Dennis. however, if Rowan excludes Akinola as well as Robinson, I won't complain so much. Akinola has human rights violations to answer for.