29 April 2007

Primates seen as dictatorial

From the Church Times write-up of a talk by the Rev'd Dr. Marilyn McCord Adams, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford.
In an address to the annual conference of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement in London on Saturday, [Adams] questioned the legitimacy of the Windsor report on a future structure for the Anglican Communion, and accused the Primates of seeking to exercise "dictatorial powers". She also called for a General Synod debate on the proposal for an Anglican Covenant.

Reviewing recent Anglican history, she noted: "None of [the] instruments of union or their pronouncements had any legally binding legislative or juridical force." The Windsor report was nevertheless "written in a tone of presumptive legitimacy", and set forth “a new authoritarian polity for the Anglican Communion.
Hat tip to Thinking Anglicans, whose proprietor, Simon Sarmiento, provided this excellent coverage of Adams' talk. You can (and are encouraged to) read the full text of her talk over at Episcopal Cafe.

Finally, an editorial disclaimer: Mother Adams was an instructor of mine at Yale, prior to her translation to Oxford, so I had first hand opportunity to see her as an loving, brilliant, and honorable person -- and writing of her on this blog will reflect my view. (Photo from the Yale Alumni Magazine.)

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