01 June 2007

Hear Davis Mac-Iyalla in a town near you

Normally, you'd have to travel to Africa to hear Davis Mac-Iyalla speak about his experience as a gay Nigerian. Davis is in the midst of a tour throughout the US now, so American blog-readers are lucky. Davis could be in a town near you, and I hope you'll travel to hear him.

What would the Anglican Communion be like if Peter Akinola had his way? Davis can share his experience of the Anglican church in Nigeria. What's it like to have your very identity crimalized? Davis can share his experience as a gay person from West Africa.

I got to spend lots of time with Davis in Dar es Salaam, and I know he'll be a compelling speaker and a vibrant witness. If you can't make it to hear him, please pray for him. And if you can spare a few dollars, why not support Changing Attitude Nigeria, which recently hosted a gathering of GLBT people from throughout West Africa? InclusiveChurch will also be working with Changing Attitude to ensure that there are plenty of GLBT Christians from around the Communion in Lambeth, should any of the bishops there wish to enjoy the Listening Process.

In any case, travel to see Davis. Before his tour, I was told to keep his itinerary quiet, for security reasons. Now I see ENS has published full details in their article, so you can easily check to see how you'll be able to hear Davis speak.

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