14 May 2007

Honoring Florence, honoring women

Yesterday's Guardian has an essay by Christina Rees on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Florence Li Tim-Oi. Rees concludes:
Perhaps this centenary year of Li Tim-Oi's birth is a good time for the Anglican communion to speak out with one voice against traditions and practices that harm and discriminate against women and to affirm the ministry of women to all orders: deacon, priest and bishop. The greatest tribute we could pay to Florence Li Tim-Oi - and Florence Nightingale - is for our church to accept that God calls women just as God calls men.
Rees is referring to the fact that in the CofE, women are still not admitted to the episcopacy. Even in ECUSA, one could not claim full equality in the church for women. And, yet, the Gospels -- and the broad outlines of Paul's teaching as well -- seem to compel us to work for a church in which all people, without regard for any human criterion, are seen as equal children of God.

Let us remember that InclusiveChurch seeks a church that embodies a simple, yet radical, idea. All people are invited to enter into the fullness of Christ's church. God's call to ministry -- of any kind -- should not be limited. We talk about human sexuality on this blog, but our "issue" is not sex, it is the breadth of Christ's call to the whole world.

If you look at the InclusiveChurch website, you'll see a quote by Desmond Tutu: "Christ when he was lifted up did not say, 'I draw some people to myself.' He said, 'I draw all, all, ALL.'"

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