22 May 2007

InclusiveChurch statement on Lambeth invitations


InclusiveChurch welcomes the news that the Archbishop of Canterbury has issued the first invitations to over 800 bishops in the Anglican Communion to attend the Lambeth Conference 2008. We believe the Anglican Communion will benefit from engagement among this diverse group of bishops. It is regrettable that a small number of bishops are not to be invited, but recognizing the painful fractures within the Communion we understand the need for generous sacrifice on all sides. We hope that in the spirit of such sacrifice the bishops who are not receiving invitations to the conference, including Gene Robinson, the Bishop of New Hampshire, might be welcome as observers.

'We clearly have a mountain to climb, but this is a real sign of the underlying unity of the Anglican Communion' said the Rev'd Giles Goddard, Chair of InclusiveChurch. 'I am pleased that the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada will be able to share our experience of the ministry of lesbian and gay Christians', said the Rev'd Scott Gunn, an American member of InclusiveChurch.

InclusiveChurch is a network of groups and individuals, aiming to celebrate and maintain the traditional breadth and diversity of the Anglican Communion.

UPDATE: Please see this additional statement.


Ann said...

This is tongue in cheek - right?

Scott Gunn said...


Here's the thing: the Anglican Communion would clearly benefit, in our view, from the presence and witness of Gene Robinson. I pray that he'll receive an invite. Given the range of possibilities, it's to be celebrated that ECUSA is largely invited. That's the point. We're glad that ECUSA and Canada have been invited, and we wish everyone were invited.

I don't like the whole package, but there is something in this to be thankful for, I think.

Kelvin said...

It does seem as though InclusiveChurch is prepared to sacrifice the dignity of a gay person for the sake of wider "unity".

How very familiar. And how very sad.

Raspberry Rabbit said...

Yeah c'mon Scott you're supposed to be more predictable than that. You're not wearing your Rangers' jersey and warming your hands over the barrel fire. 'No surrender' and all that!

This could have been predicted. The 'non-invite' list is actually rather tiny. Anybody who uses it as a pretext to withdraw a constituency from the meeting - whether it's the Global South, TEC, SEC will have decided upon this as a strategy long ago.

Michael Cudney said...

This statement is quite puzzling: does 'Inclusive' mean inclusive or not? That +Robinson wasn't invited is just so outrageous. Once again, we'll be talked about, instead of with.
Rowan's exclusion of +Gene from the table will only give the Akinola crowd more ammunition to continue the broadside against TEC. 'See, the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't want him there. We were right all along.'
More and more we see the irrelevancy of Canterbury and the CofE. The bishops of TEC should forsake Lambeth entirely.

Donn Mitchell said...

I'm astounded by this statement. Sacrifice is something that people voluntarily give up. Gene Robinson has not volunteered to stay home, and the Episcopal Church has not volunteered to have an incomplete representation at Lambeth. It is the height of delusion to recast deprivation as sacrifice. This was the same reasoning that was applied in the decision to "voluntarily" surrender our vote in the ACC. We saw what that got us. I was greatly encouraged by the House of Bishops statement in response to the Primates. But now with the Lambeth invitations, people seem to be reverting to the appeasement strategy. It has yielded nothing except evermore outrageous insults. The Episcopal Church has done nothing wrong and has nothing to apologize for. We do not have to "buy" back our vote or "pay" for our inclusion.

laredo said...

I gather that InclusiveChurch is "inclusive" when it finds it convenient, much like the Archbishop of Canterbury. Like Ann, I think that there must be a "Pythonesque" punch-line on the way. That would be "something to be thankful for...."

Scott Gunn said...

Please note today's statement from IC, which will, I hope, help clarify things. You can find it on this blog or on the IC website.

Michal Anne said...

People are so eager to offer someone else for "their" sacrifice.