29 May 2007

Make your voice heard

For several days now, Integrity USA has had a letter-writing campaign going. It's a typical American response to such a situation -- inundate a corporation, institution, or an archbishop with letters, hoping that the recipient will change her, his, or their mind(s). While I support Bishop Robinson, I was not planning to blog the Integrity campaign (worried that it might be counterproductive with Lambeth Palace). But then, today, I was alerted to a poll on the Church Times website.

You can vote, on the Church Times site, to express your opinion that all bishops should be invited to the Lambeth Conference. As I write this, the polling is running against inviting all bishops. As blogs pick up this opportunity, things could sway either way. I think it can't hurt to click the "yes" (as I hope you will) or "no" buttons. Maybe Lambeth Palance will notice that lots and lots of people want every bishop to be invited.

I also think sending off a letter as Integrity suggests could be helpful. Here are my suggestions. First, be unfailingly gracious. Bitterness and anger are perfectly fine emotional responses to a very challenging situation, but they're probably not so useful in a letter. Second, I think we would do well (as InclusiveChurch has argued) to advocate for every duly elected and consecrated bishop to be invited. This would include Martyn Minns for sure, and it might include the AMiA bishops, though Archbishop Carey questioned their validity back when that entity was set up.

Why would we liberals want Bishop Minns to attend? Because we need everyone to be there, to share, to listen, and to be open to God's grace in our troubled situation. Let us model the kind of church we want: a place were the Gospel invitation is open to all.

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David Charles Walker said...

As I read it, the poll is running 59% For and 40% Against.