15 May 2007

Share your response to the proposed Covenant

From ENS today:
Episcopalians have begun responding to questions in a study guide aimed at helping the Episcopal Church consider the draft version of a proposed Anglican Covenant. Congregations, diocesan deputations to General Convention and individuals can all submit comments between now and the June 4 deadline.

House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson said May 14 that some General Convention deputations have already met and formulated responses with the help of the study guide.

Responses can be e-mailed to gcsecretary@episcopalchurch.org, faxed to 212-972-9322 or mailed to Draft Anglican Covenant, The Office of the General Convention, The Episcopal Church Center, 815 Second Ave, New York, NY 10017.
You can find the proposed Covenant online, as well as the study guide prepared by Executive Council.

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