05 June 2007

Summer homework

As ENS reports, the ECUSA House of Bishops has released a study document to encourage a wide-ranging, thoughtful response to the Primates' Communiqué from the February meeting in Dar es Salaam. As the House of Bishops prepares its response to the September 30 deadline set by the primates, it appears that the bishops are looking for some input.

As others have observed, the bishops have (not surprisingly) designed a bishop-centric process. While a few may choose to view that negatively, I actually think it's a good thing to encourage conversation within dioceses between bishops and their people. This will cause bishops to hear directly from their own flock, and I suspect in most dioceses, we'll see a variety of responses. This is exactly the kind of listening that we need these days. I hope that some of these diocesan conversations will be preceded or followed by celebrations of the Eucharist.

If you're part of ECUSA, contact your bishop. Ask her or him (nicely!) when your diocese will be having the conversation(s) as requested by the House of Bishops. Invite your friends, and invite some people from that "other" congregation, the one that doesn't quite fit in theologically within your diocese.

If you're reading this from outside ECUSA, contact your ECUSA friends and let them know what you think. While this is preparation for an ECUSA response, we Americans especially need to get a global perspective.

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