21 June 2007

Unreasonable love: a sermon from Westminster Abbey

The Archbishop of Cape Town preached last Sunday in Westminster Abbey. His sermon has much relevance in our current church climate.
The life of faith is first and foremost about our relationship with our God.

It is not about how good our behaviour is.

Nor does it hinge on how correct our theology is.

Nor does it hinge on our stance on human sexuality.

What God really cares about is whether we love him.

The first commandment is that we should love him, with all our heart and mind and soul and strength - that in the depths of our being we should yearn for him, and yearn to grow in love and knowledge of him, above all else.

God loves us with an outrageous exuberance. He loves us far, far more
than is reasonable or rational or sensible. He loves us to death literally, to his own death, in Jesus on the cross. And the desire of this God, who is love, is that we should share in this overflowing, excessive and abundant love - with him, and with others.
Too often we lose sight of what is important. We imagine that the church is about the Law or about justice, but it is of course about much more than that. This sermon is a good reminder. It's about love. Love.

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