01 August 2007

Ephraim Radner has had it

Ephraim Radner+, who has always been an articulate voice on the conservative side, has written a resignation from the Anglican Communion Network, now posted over at T19.

It reads, in part:
Bishop Duncan has now declared the See of Canterbury and the Lambeth Conference -- two of the four Instruments of Communion within our tradition – to be "lost." He has said that God is "doing a new thing" in allowing these elements to founder and be let go. I find this judgment to be dangerously precipitous and unfair under circumstances when current, faithful, and hard work is being done by many to bolster these Instruments as servants of our common life in Christ. The judgment is also astonishingly self-confident and autonomously prophetic in a mode not unlike the baleful claims to visionary authority of those who have long misled the Episcopal Church. Finally, the declaration in effect cancels out the other two Instruments of Communion that also uphold our common Anglican life -- the Primates’ Meeting and the Anglican Consultative Council. It is the entire Anglican Communion, therefore, that Bp. Duncan is declaring to be "lost." The judgment is far too sweeping.
I don't have much more to say. My sense is that Ephraim is right to observe that it +Bob Duncan is "walking apart" from Anglicanism. This is another sad chapter in the unfolding tragedy of schism that we're now seeing. I hope Ephraim finds a place to call "home." For that matter, I hope we can all find a spiritual shelter, in the same home. Anglicanism was always good at accommodating diverse views, and my prayer is that this will be true again.

Those of us on the progressive side must not, even for an instant, take glee as the conservative side struggles. This schadenfreude has no place in the Christian heart. Our only response can be a generous prayer, and perhaps a Kyrie eleison.

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