21 July 2007

"Global South" now just 25% Anglican

The so-called Global South leaders (meeting in London, oddly), have issued a statement. For the most part it's what one would expect: ECUSA and Canada are naughty, and so the Truth-bearers will continue to meddle and eventually intend to separate from the not-Anglican-enough Anglican Communion.

Some will take issue with my statement that they intend to separate from the Anglican Communion, preferring instead to imagine that they seek to implement the True Anglican Communion. However, +Rowan Williams is still the Focus of Unity, as far as I can see. Some of these bishops have publicly refused to receive Holy Communion when the Archbishop of Canterbury was presider. If you will not share communion with someone, then you have quite literally excommunicated yourself. Most of these dissident bishops do not intend to participate in the Lambeth Conference, and I predict they will also shun the ACC once their takeover plan (the Primates want to put their thrones around the ACC table, it seems) is rejected.

So, that makes the Anglican Communion scorecard read thusly for these dissident bishops:
  • Archbishop of Canterbury -- NO, suspicious and possibly liberal
  • Lambeth Conference -- NO, too much danger of conversation with progressives
  • ACC -- NO, too many lay people, too democratic, and too independent-minded
  • Primates' Meeting -- YES, nice and cozy consolidated power center
That's 75% no and 25% yes. I hope they'll find a path to come back. Any separation within the Body of Christ is tragic. But let us make no mistakes about who is Anglican and who is walking apart. Where Canterbury is, there is Anglicanism. Ipso facto.

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