21 July 2007

Hear the voice of LGBT Nigeria

There are thousands of gay and lesbian Anglicans in Nigeria. In all the furor of the last few years, we've heard precious little from them. Much ink has been spilled about the pastoral care of conservatives in the US, but almost nothing has been said about the pastoral care of GLBT Nigerians -- despite clear calls for this care in the Windsor Report.

Davis Mac-Iyalla recently toured the US to tell the story of the church in Nigeria. Thanks to St. Thomas' Parish in Washington, DC, you can hear a recording of Davis's talk. Listen to this man, who speaks compellingly of the struggle GLBT Anglicans in Nigeria face. +Peter Akinola must be frightened, because he has repeatedly launched a smear campaign against Davis and his allies. I got to know Davis when we were both in Dar es Salaam. He is a faithful witness of the Gospel.

Let us not forget those who suffer most as we seek a church that where all people are fully welcomed into the Body of Christ. If we in the US and Canada pull away from the Communion, because of the cost to GLBT people here, we must also know that GLBT people in the rest of the Communion will pay a terrible price -- perhaps life itself.

Pray for Davis and his work. Pray for Peter Akinola. Pray for us all. If you are able, pray with your wallet. Changing Attitude needs your money in their work.

Thanks to The Lead for the link to Davis's talk.

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