16 July 2007

Keeping England...Anglican?

The usual justification for creating parallel jurisdictions in the US is that ECUSA has deviated from "authentic" Anglicanism, and the poor downtrodden faithful must be protected by authentic bishops from authentic provinces in the Communion.

In that context, I heard an interesting rumor recently. According to my source, one of the so-called Global South primates is about to set up shop in England. Apparently, the Church of England isn't Anglican enough now -- despite having a cadre of pure, flying bishops. Moreover, the first of these new bishops, with Authentic Global South Anglican Truth (tm) is to be Chris Sugden.

A few things are worth noting here. First, I don't think +Rowan Williams is going to like it much when these people invade his home turf. He already seems annoyed with +Peter Akinola's US incursion, and an ordination in London will not go over well, I predict. Second, this reveals the absurdity of labeling some province un-Anglican. I remind everyone that the very definion of the Anglican Communion is communion with the See of Canterbury. So if we're going to have irregular ordinations to care for people in Canterbury's back yard, because... Well, the mind starts to ache. Third, I think Chris should wear the magenta-purple, not just the plain purple. Having met him in Dar es Salaam, I think that shade will look better on him.

Is this rumor true? Time will tell. If it is, remember that the story broke here, in this remote outpost of blogospheria Anglicana. The very fact that this is even a (somewhat) credible rumor speaks volumes about where we are as a Communion. Notice again, it is not really the progressives who are imperiling the unity of the Communion. We're at five parallel jurisdictions and counting in the US, and we could be on the way to who-knows-how-many in England (plus flying bishops). Despite all the claims, almost everyone on the left side of the church is happy for the other side of the aisle to be full too. I just don't think the right side of the aisle wants to sit in the same church with us, so they're going to make a new one. And a new one. And another new one...

If this keeps up, the Mad Priest will have trouble satirizing episcopal hijinks.

UPDATE: As I just wrote in a comment on another blog: "For the record, a few people have contacted me to say that this rumor appears to be just that, after have done some digging. My point remains: our attendance at the Theatre of the Anglican Absurd is confirmed by the fact that people actually had to make phone calls to check on the possibility that Africans might be invading Cantuar's turf. Sigh."

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