16 July 2007

Show me the money

Four retired ECUSA bishops have written an open letter to the Executive Council, asking to see an accounting of the cost of litigation related to property disputes. This is important, these bishops say, "especially in view of the fact that the program budget is being reduced because insufficient funds are being received from dioceses."

If you get past the bitter language of the letter, the point seems fair. It is important to know the extent to which ECUSA resources are being used in this struggle, and the source of the funding. I hope the Executive Council or folks at 815 will answer the request.

The open letter was sent to the HOB/D email list, and then posted all over the blogosphere. Since I don't read the HOB/D list, I don't know how the discussion has gone. My hope is that this is an easy question to answer, and that someone will answer it quickly.

On this blog, I regularly point out the extent to which this "crisis" is driven by clergy -- usually on the conservative side of things. The conservative folks often claim that 815 is acting in a draconian manner, especially toward those who are leaving the Episcopal Church. Is this primarily a diocesan struggle? A local struggle? A national struggle? Getting the facts out there will dispel anxiety. I suspect that not much money has been spent at 815 on this, but it would be good to know that, if it's true.

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