01 August 2007

This man is tearing the fabric?!

It's well worth the time to read Andrew Collier's recent interview with +Gene Robinson. I personally find the bits about Jesus to be the most interesting, though other writers found the bits about hypocrisy to be of interest.
Q. Where do you see yourself positioned in the church?

'As a matter of fact I’m more evangelical than almost anyone you would run into in the Episcopal Church. I come out of evangelical roots and see my ministry as one of evangelism. When I speak to gay and lesbian groups I don’t talk to them about gay rights, I talk to them about their souls. My goal is to get them to church and bring them to Jesus. I speak that language and believe it with my whole heart. I believe that Jesus is standing at the doorway to our hearts every moment of the day and my mission is to encourage people of all stripes to open that door and let Jesus in.'

Q. What do you think Jesus would make of all this?

'I think Jesus is terribly disappointed when we close the door on anyone – when we make it harder for anyone to access God’s love. Looking at this debate I think Jesus both understands how hard change is and for me I believe Jesus thinks the debate and the pain of it is worth it in the end. It was either Gandhi or Dr Martin Luther King who said the ark of history bends inevitably towards justice. I may be wrong. Only time will tell. But I do think this has to do with the ark of history bending towards justice.'

I'll say it again. Gene Robinson is not tearing the fabric of the Anglican Communion. Other people are choosing to do that, at least partially in response to Gene. In fairness, I'd encourage Gene Robinson, his supporters (among whom I count myself), and all Americans to behave with more humility and less Cowboy Americanism, but this crisis is certainly not Gene's doing, and it is not ECUSA's doing exclusively. Read the interview. You can see that Gene Robinson is a faithful man of the Gospel, trying to follow Jesus and lead others into God's loving, saving embrace.

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