30 July 2007

Wisdom from Spain: Jesus is the center

Today's sermon at Trinity, Wall Street featured a report by its rector, James Cooper+, on the recently concluded gathering of bishops from around the Anglican Communion. It's worth listening to the sermon. (I don't think there's a link to full text, just audio/video.)

I won't try to summarize it here, but James joins the chorus of those who are saying that divisions on issues of human sexuality should not prevail over much deeper things we hold in common. He speaks compellingly and vividly of these bishops' time together. You really ought to take the time to hear the whole sermon.

The time in Spain was a fruitful gathering. This will be the salvation of the communion -- if people can respect one another as bearers of God's image and followers of Jesus Christ, then we have a chance to remain together. We need to be together to do these things, which is why I'm hoping for a large turnout at Lambeth next summer and at other gatherings. I hope Trinity will bring together more people, more often.

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