23 July 2007

York states the obvious

The Archbishop of York, in an interview with The Telegraph, states the obvious:
"Anglicanism has its roots through Canterbury," he said. "If you sever that link you are severing yourself from the Communion. There is no doubt about it."
And more:
Conservative leaders are now planning an alternative summit, which would destroy Dr Williams's efforts to hold the factions together. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Dr Sentamu told the conservatives that there could not be a meaningful alternative to the official conference...."If that goes and they think they can then say they are Anglicans, that is very questionable," he said. "Whatever you set up, I don't think it could ever be called the Anglican Communion."
Read the whole article. I am glad senior leaders are being clear about our tragic situation. I pray that the Body of Christ does not suffer another division.

(In what might be a first for the InclusiveChurch blog, a tip of the hat to VirtueOnline!)

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