02 August 2007

Another report from Spain

On Sunday, I posted a link to Jim Cooper's sermon at Trinity, Wall Street, in which he reported on his time at the bishops' gathering that recently concluded in Spain. Today (via The Lead) brings a report by +Kirk Smith of Arizona. Read it all, but here's a sample:
It seemed clear to me that what unites us is far greater than any divisions we might have. I came away with the strong feeling that we are family and we are not going to allow anyone or anything to break that bond.

The other positive outcome was the strengthening of our common commitment to mission. Many of us were able to spend significant time together and learn about what is happening in our respective dioceses. Many new and deep friendships were made as we worshiped and did Bible study together. I got to know many new African bishops, and to bring greetings back from several Sudanese bishops to our own St Paul's mission...

One speaker summed up our time together well: "Jesus did not say, 'Be right as I am right'. He said, Love one another". I felt that love this past week. It is not limited by boarders, cultures, or theology. It is what makes us Christ's family.
At the risk of being annoyingly repetitive, I'll say it again. This is why we need Lambeth. This is why we need to stay together in Eucharistic fellowship. This is why we must listen to one another, rather than scream about one another. Our promise is to "seek and serve Christ in all persons," and you can't do that if you refuse to come together.

Let's hope there are more gatherings like the one in Spain. Let's hope there are more mission trips. Let's hope lots of bishops go to Lambeth next summer. And, most of all, let's hope there is room in our hearts for God's grace to be manifest.

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