31 August 2007

Show me the money: works both ways

Back in July, I supported the call of four retired ECUSA bishops for transparency from 815 with regard to funding litigation expenses. Now these four, plus one more, have issued another public letter. The conservatives insist that there's a vast left-wing conspiracy, and they want to know all the details about the money. I'm not sure about the conspiracy part, but I do think a healthy dose of transparency would be a Good Thing.

Among others who have undertaken this challenge, Fr. Jake has supplied some numbers. Jan Nunley+ posted an unofficial report on her quasi-official 815 blog. These are pretty good reports, but of course it would be even better for 815 to publish an official report to quell critics.

Also in Fr. Jake's recent blog posting is a set of questions (originally written by Nigel J. Taber-Hamilton) for the conservative groups. As long as the right is posing questions, maybe they'd like to answer questions similar to the ones asked of 815 by the retired bishops?

Here they are:
1 ) How much money has the Network, the American Anglican Council, and the other affiliated groups spent since 2003 on preparing to abscond with real property rightfully belonging to all Episcopalians?

2) In what budget(s) are those expenditures accounted for? Where have you published the information?

3) Has any income intended for mission been diverted for use in this theft? If so, how much and from what sources?

4) How much compensation has any law firm whose principles are part of your various affiliated organizations received for servicing this theft and the consequent litigation?
OK, folks on the right, show us the money. Surely you'll publish a report quickly, since you feel that this information should be public. As we work toward an inclusive church -- and some of us work against this -- we should all avoid secrets and seek transparency.

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