28 September 2007

Breaking news on the Presumptive Pontiff

On Tuesday, I wrote about the Pope of Pittsburgh. You know who I mean. There have been some developments.

First, Raspberry Rabbit has uncovered a photo of the presumptive pontiff. I guess RR snuck into the conclave with his camera. I'll bet dollars to doughnuts his disguise included a purple shirt, which probably made the whole escapade easier. Anyway, enjoy the photo.

Then, over at Thinking Anglicans, and eagle-eyed reader spotted earlier evidence that this papacy was long in the making. Right there on the ACN website, you can enjoy a pallium-clad bishop. At least that's what it looks like. I didn't think we'd had one of those in Anglicanism since, say, 1558. But, hey, if you're starting up your own church, I guess you get to pick your own vesture.

Since neither T19 nor SF seems to have had a word about the conclave since it opened, I'll continue to offer this space as the sole outlet for news developments. Of course, don't be upset when most of the updates concern sartorial matters. What does this have to do with an "inclusive church," you ask? Well, I favor the inclusion of people who like to play dress-up and who like to play church (with the "church" being the Sistine Chapel).

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Locust-Eater said...

It does look sort of like a pallium (Scroll down to see the Pope's). Wikipedia says; Worn by the pope, the pallium symbolizes the plenitudo pontificalis officii (i.e., the "plenitude of pontifical office"); worn by archbishops, it typifies their participation in the supreme pastoral power of the pope, who concedes it to them for their proper church provinces. An archbishop who has not received the pallium may therefore not exercise any of his functions as metropolitan, nor any metropolitan prerogatives whatever. The entry for Metropolitan Bishop is educational and enlightening on this bit of garb too. I am not aware of this vestment among Anglicans, so the question arises... ...who bestowed this garment upon TPOP?