25 September 2007

From The Lead: What is the church for?

There's a fine essay posted at The Lead now. Kathleen Henderson Staudt writes about the nature of the church. I encourage you to read the whole essay. I was particularly drawn to this quote from Evelyn Underhill:
The Church is in the world to save the world. It is a tool of God for that purpose; not a comfortable religious club established in fine historical premises. Every one of its members is required, in one way or another, to cooperate with the Spirit in working for that great end: and much of this work will be done in secret and invisible ways,. We are transmitters as well as receivers. Our contemplation and our action, our humble self-opening to God, keeping ourselves sensitive to his music and light, and our generous self-opening to our our fellow creatures, keeping ourselves sensitive to their needs, ought to form one life, mediating between God and His world, and bringing the saving power of the Eternal into time.
That makes our present squabbling seem silly, doesn't it?

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