22 September 2007

Inclusion without "inclusion"?

The Anglican Centrist has a compelling post. Ironic for the "InclusiveChurch" blog, but I actually think Greg+ makes some great points about how we should move our rhetoric beyond "inclusion."
The Anglican Communion doesn't need 'inclusion.' It needs faithfulness in the New Covenant to Jesus Christ, because if it has faithfulness to Jesus Christ all the members of His body will be cherished. It doesn't need 'Biblical authority.' It need faithfulness to Jesus Christ because if it has faithfulness to Jesus Christ, the authority of the Eternal Word of God (which breathes mightily through Scripture study when prayerfully engaged by the Body of Christ) will be heeded.

I believe a faithful Christian can be openly gay and in a committed relationship, and a person such as this would be fit to be ordained in God's Church, if they were in all other ways qualified, and above all, called by God.

I also believe that there are many in the Anglican world who can tolerate this and remain in communion with the Episcopal Church -- but who nonetheless would like to see the American Church demonstrate just a bit more humility and mindfulness of the fuller Communion.
It's not just our destination that matters. It's how we get there. I like where ECUSA is headed, and I hope we can find the right path for our journey. Whether we do this will determine if we are able to walk with much of the developing world.

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