23 September 2007

Is the sky (or the Pension Fund) falling?

The hyperventillating self-victimization is getting tiresome. My latest example, from Quad-Cities Online (covering the Diocese of Quincy), via Stand Firm:
ROCK ISLAND -- The Rev. Steven McClaskey really didn't want to retire right now from his pastoral post at Trinity Church in Rock Island.

Yet, he also didn't want to risk losing his pension, which advisers and he felt was endangered, by the continued dispute between Episcopal Church leaders and the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Puh-lease. If +Steven doesn't want to retire, he shouldn't retire. And if he wants to retire, he should do that. But he should not blame is decision on the current "crisis."

I don't have it handy to check the number, but I just got my annual Church Pension Fund report in the mail. The accumulated funds number is big. Very big. Huge. Something more than umpteen gajillion. So there's no way some squabble over moral theology or whatever is going to matter in a financial sense. And it turns out that all of these secessionist clergy will get their (100% vested) benefits when they leave. So, basically, there's no way any of this has to do with +Steven's retirement.

Then I started thinking -- maybe he's being harassed by one of the few badly behaved liberal bishops who go after conservatives. Nope. Bishop Ackerman isn't bothering him. Bishop Ackerman, and the Diocese of Quincy, of course, aren't going to be bothered by anything that's happening at 815, or Pittsburgh, or Abuja.

So this is another case of a reported who got suckered into reporting that the Anglican sky is falling. When, in reality, any "crisis" that Steve is experiencing is a product of his own doing.

The headline reads "Internal bickering leaves [Quad Cities] Anglican churches in turmoil." I guess that's accurate, if the "internal" applies to the inside of one person's head, or if it means internal to a congregation that's been stirred to a frenzy by its clergy.

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