26 September 2007

MadPriest on the HoB

I often turn to MadPriest for a good dose of irreverent levity. This morning I was not disappointed with his graphical take on the HoB statement. However, I was moved by his prose response as well.
Okay, gay Christians are being asked, yet again, to suffer for expediency's sake and this is an evil that the liberal bishops of TEC will be called to account for. However, this ongoing debate has forced the issue of the injustice being perpetrated against gay Christians out from under the carpet. Even in my backwater diocese in England, intelligent clergy and laity are talking about gay people in an open and sympathetic way, which was not happening before Gene's consecration. TEC's recent history has made such people face up to the reality of the situation and to think about it.

However, most important of all, Christian deviants and their supporters are so much stronger, so much more confident, so much more convinced of the righteousness of their "manner of life," than they were before all this began. We have made friends and contacts that will last forever. We would give our very lives for each other. You cannot put a genii like that back into the bottle.

We have come together because of love. Those who seek our oppression have come together because of hatred. Love will conquer all.
Indeed, MadPriest. Love will triumph. Tomorrow would be nicer than next week, wouldn't it?

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