25 September 2007

A new thing? Or lots of new things?

Archbishop Orombi or Uganda has been in the US this week, getting ready for next week's Common Cause gathering in Pittsburgh. He spoke in Kentucky recently, and Northern Plains Anglicans has the report. I noticed a couple of things while I was reading the report.
Archbishop Orombi consecrated John Guernsey so that there would be an Anglican bishop in close proximity to deal with emergencies. As he expressed it: "It took me 16 hours to arrive in Virginia. If you need a fire truck to come all the way from Uganda, what would be left of the building?"
Hmmm. OK. I can buy that. You don't like ECUSA episcopal care, so you need something else. Fine. But here's what I don't comprehend. If the conservatives represent the True Unified Teaching of Christ Eternal, then I still don't understand why we need a Ugandan bishop in the US. Isn't Minns good enough? Or the AMiA bishops before that? Or the Kenyans? Or....?

Someone please explain to me why the conservatives all need their own particular brand of bishops traipsing around. And please, in your answer, explain it in the way that is Anglican, Catholic, and historic. I've been asking this for a while, and there's still no answer. (Well, there is one answer, but I'm hoping for a better one.)
When asked about the importance of Canterbury, the Archbishop responded, "Anglican identity is not tied to Canterbury." While Anglicans recognize Canterbury as one of the oldest sees, "there are other significant sees." In this matter His Grace follows Church tradition in recognizing the authority of older sees such as Jerusalem, Alexandria, Rome and Antioch.
Well, I suppose this is right. It also seems to be radical innovation within the Anglican stream of Christianity to suppose that our identity is not tied closely with the See of Canterbury. Could some of the conservatives at least acknowledge that innovation is not unique to progressives?

Also, I'll be interested to see how the secessionists play this one out. Is +Peter Akinola going to become the Titular Patriarch of Alexandria? Or maybe the Titular Patriarch of Rome? Wait, maybe....Anglican Pontiff....?

Really, I can see the logic of differentiating between communion with Canterbury and the Anglican flavor of Christianity, but this new Anglicanism -- and it will be new -- will be a radical departure from 500 years of history. Meanwhile, the rest of us authentic, orthodox Anglicans will be continuing in the apostles' teaching and fellowship. I'll be sad to see you leave, Archbishop. I wish you Godspeed in your new church -- or churches.

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