23 September 2007

Newsflash: Scott Gunn and BabyBlueOnline agree?!

Just read this over at BabyBlueOnline:
The media campaign from 815 is that this division is over an issue of justice. If that is true, then why don't they courageously stand up and take the consequences for their convictions? They have publicly framed the debate in those terms and not in the terms of the Dar Es Salaam Communique - for them the division is over justice. Is the Anglican Crisis one of Biblical Doctrine or Social Justice? What say you?
Hear, hear. We in ECUSA have spoken too often about justice, and not often enough about biblical authority for what we're up to. I've been saying that on this blog for months, for what it's worth.

I would add that I might describe this as a debate about "scriptural hermeneutics" or "Christian authority" rather than either Biblical Doctrine or Social Justice. And, yet, there is more at work too. For the conservatives especially (thought this is true of the left at times too), it seems that the response has been disproportionate to the "causes." I don't fully understand that.

Now, back to our agreement. If I can agree with Mary, then maybe other miracles of reconciliation are possible. Like her, I would hope that the HoB could provide some clarity -- both right and left need to hear it. And I would also hope that we all begin to talk about authority within the church, not talk past each other about different subjects. Oh, and by "authority" I mean the Bible, ancient tradition, and human reason -- not just ECUSA polity.

(On a related note: I'm grateful to Mary for her blog always, even though agreement is rare. I like her multimedia mix, and I'm glad she's in New Orleans dishing up her unique bloggish take on things.)

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