26 September 2007

The Pope of Pittsburgh

I couldn't make this up. Bishop (or should I begin to practice, "Archbishop") Duncan is referring to his episcopal gathering as a conclave.
During the early hours of yesterday, the Lord reminded me of the word "conclave." Bishop's meetings are sometimes "with the key withheld," the literal meaning of the Latin root. Bishops gathering in conclave cannot come out until they have a successful result. While there will be no one "locking us in," the whole Anglican world is expecting something great of us in this meeting.
During the late hours of today, I am reminded of the word "pretentious."

First, Duncan compares his lot to that of our Savior on Good Friday. Every moment is the "moment of decision" or the "decision point" or the "crucial time" or the "instant of importance." Just when I thought we had reached the height of melodrama, now he's practically crowning himself in a papal tiara. Quick -- someone call the news chopper. Watch Pittsburgh for white smoke!

What's really happening in Pittsburgh is a gathering of disaffected bishops who have banded together in fear and anger. A movement built on that energy will not go far. But at least they'll have plenty of bishops, archbishops, and assorted prelates.

I actually feel sorry for them. I wish they could see that most of us in ECUSA -- even if we poke a bit of fun at them -- would be happy to have them here. Sadly, they feel unwelcomed. I fear that this feeling will continue for them, and they'll have division upon division upon division.

(For the record, I'm perfectly willing to have some fun at the expense of the left too -- and I can take a good ribbing myself. Lest I be accused of picking on the future pontiff...)


Ed said...

"they feel unwelcomed"

—Gee, whatever could have given them that idea?

Grandmère Mimi said...

Wow! It seems the Lord made a mistake when he spoke to Bp. Duncan - or else the Lord doesn't know Latin. I looked up the root of "conclave" and the literal meaning of the Latin is "con = with" and "clavis = key", not "key withheld". It's a room which can be locked all right, but if the good bishop is talking about literal meanings, then the Lord reminded him wrong - or it could be that he misheard the Lord.

Discernment is in order here.

BTW, this is a very funny post. I love the picture.

The Postulant said...

Hmm. The OED tells me that the original meaning of conclave is something like "a small room that's locked up and closed off." Do you think the Lord was actually sending +Pittsburgh a rather different message?

-frank said...

The pic was 'cropped'. You can't see the cresent moon cutout on the door.

Scott Gunn said...

Grandmere (sorry, again, about the lack of accent on the e), I don't think (+)+Bob believes in discernment. Just the facts, ma'am.

Postulant, yes, your theory seems about right. It would also explain away the crisis of faith caused by G.M.'s worry in the previous comment.

trueanglican said...

Postulant, I want you to minister in my church. We need you--and the ability to laugh a bit at the preposterousness of some of the things that have been said on all sides in the past few days (including comments by me).

Ed said...

"inclusive church"

Judging by the comments on this post, I would have to say:

Riiiiiiiight. Real inclusive.

Sure you don't mean "intolerant" church?

Scott Gunn said...


I'm sorry -- really -- that you feel that way. If you read most of what I've written, I think you'll see that I would like to have conservatives in the church. That said, I also think having a bit of humor about ourselves is a good thing. So, yes, we're having some fun at +Pittsburgh's expense. And maybe next week I'll have some fun at the expense of +New Hampshire. I'm always willing to take a few jabs myself too.

Do I sometimes say critical things about Duncan? Of course. I think my criticisms are warranted, and I welcome other points of view. But just because I criticize Duncan doesn't mean I don't want conservatives around.

Some of my best friends are conservatives. (That's intended to be humorous.)